About Us

When Kim McGinness moved to Napa, she instantly fell in love with the eclectic community. As a non-native local (aka Paper Napan), she discovered the uniqueness that sets Napa apart from other cities. From 2nd generation wine makers, to brewers trying something new, to unique street art with stunning surrounding views, Napa is in a class of its own.

The emerging Rail Arts District (RAD) gave her the inspiration to showcase Napa’s personality and how it connects the entire Napa Valley physically, artistically, and culturally. With over ten years in the travel industry and extensive global travel, Kim’s background gave her the insight to create an experience that showcases amazing hidden gems throughout downtown Napa in a unique way.

Paper Napan Walkabouts is ready to welcome you to a different side of Napa not often seen in traditional Napa Valley tours.