About Us

When Kim McGinness moved to Napa, California she instantly fell in love with the city. She admired its world-class sophistication and its small-town vibe. She appreciated all the details that make this legendary destination unique.

Naturally, then, Kim became a personal tour guide for friends and family who visited Napa Valley. As an experienced world traveler with more than 10 years of experience in the airline industry, Kim was perfect for this role. Over time, she grew her tours to include multiple stops and began forging personal relationships with some of the business owners along the way. In 2018, she opened her tours to visitors and launched Paper Napan Walkabouts.

Beyond the Wine

From third-generation winemakers to first-time brewers and urban muralists, Napa is full of dreamers and doers doing great things.  While Napa has a strong focus on creating world-class wine and beer, there are many other attractions around town worth experiencing.

No. 1 on this list: The Rail Arts District (RAD Napa). Inspired by the Wynwood Walls in Miami and the SODO Track in Seattle, the RAD neighborhood was the brainchild of artists, businesses, and city leaders who sought to create Napa Valley’s first dedicated public art district. Today RAD Napa is a two-mile long outdoor art gallery where the Wine Train and the Vine Trail meet.

From murals to sculptures and more, RAD Napa’s installations comprise work from a growing group of local and internationally recognized artists. The emerging district currently features artwork from globally renowned artist like Felipe Pantone and Fintan McGee. And as RAD Napa continues to grow, it will bring in top talent to create a cultural corridor and world-renowned destination.

Creating a Personal Experience

Since Kim set up her initial tour of RAD Napa, she’s grown the business to include a shorter tour of the Rail Arts District, as well as a full-length tour of historic homes and wineries downtown. Because Kim has put together itineraries for these tours herself, because she knows all of the owners of the businesses involved, every walkabout is a highly personalized and bespoke experience. Put simply, you can’t get one of these tours by following a guidebook.

Paper Napan Walkabouts is ready to welcome you to a different side of Napa that will pair nicely with your next Napa Valley adventure.