Napa Walking Beer & Wine Tours

Experience Napa like a local on our unique guided walking tours through the heart of the city. As the heart and soul of Napa Valley, Napa has many things to see and do. From unique street art to world class wineries to brewers trying something new, there is something to experience on every corner.

On our Napa walking tours, we strive to be unique and give an insider’s look into life in the city. Because of this, we don’t follow routes you will find in a guide book and our stops are what locals enjoy. And while our tours are carefully organized, simply walking about and discovering the city is how it should feel for our guests.

First, discover Napa’s appreciation of street art with projects like the Rail Arts District (RAD Napa). While viewing this unique art, our local guides are able to provide insights beyond what you can read about.

Second, indulge in world class wines at urban boutique wineries. This city’s wineries are where California cool meets California wine and each winery selected has a laid back atmosphere. Our guests will be instantly welcomed and receive a custom experience at each stop.  

Guests will also learn about and enjoy Napa’s growing craft beer scene with tastings at urban nano breweries. And finally, you will get a taste of California cuisine with provisions at each stop.

We currently offer a few walkabout options. You can join us for an afternoon with the RAD Napa Experience or simply come out for an hour on the Express Napa walking tour. Or, interested in a private group tour? Reach out to us on the contact page and we can work to arrange this for you. 

Each of our walkabouts feature a unique side of Napa that will pair nicely with your next Napa Valley adventure!